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We run a comprehensive range of Microsoft and Business training courses to ensure employees work efficiently and effectively for their benefit and the benefit of the business.

Our award-winning training courses are CPD certified ensuring that the training activities develop and enhance the user’s abilities. The courses ensure learning is conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.

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Most office staff can use Microsoft Excel to a basic level but are your staff able to handle more complex tasks? Our online Excel course will teach them skills such as model building, scenario analyses and applying error checks. Our proprietary filtering algorithm will direct their attention to those areas of Excel most relevant to them and your organisation.


Microsoft Word is the most commonly used word-processing tool in the business world, but its functionality is often under-used. Make sure your staff are able to use Word to its full potential by training them with our course. By the end of it they’ll be proficient in tasks from letter writing and mail merging to creating lists and tables.


Microsoft PowerPoint is the number-one tool for creating impactful presentations but are your staff using it to its full potential? Train your staff in all of its key features, including how to communicate analyses using charts and graphs, incorporate animations and transitions, and how work collaboratively on projects.

Advanced Excel

Microsoft Excel provides a range of advanced functions that greatly extend its capabilities. Powerful analysis, forecasting, automation and presentation techniques offer wide-ranging business benefits. Our Advanced Excel course will take your staff’s Microsoft Excel abilities to the next level.


Do your staff regularly prioritise the wrong tasks or miss their deadlines? Improve your staff’s organisation and productivity by optimising their use of Microsoft Outlook. It will teach them principles and techniques that ensure efficient use of emails, contacts, calendars and notes throughout the business.


No matter the industry you operate in, SharePoint helps turn individuals into high-performing project teams. Teach your staff to manage content for a variety of media, collaborate with colleagues effectively, manage task lists, calendars and schedules remotely, and generate and analyse reports.


Microsoft Project is a feature-rich tool that will help a project management plan, execute and track a project and facilitate communication. We take a hands-on approach to train you in Project’s effective use through practical demonstration and a project to work through to build confidence and capability.

Office 365

Do your staff collaborate effectively across the Microsoft Office applications your company uses? This online course looks at the common features of Office 365, and by the end of it your staff will be able to monitor projects and tasks, share knowledge and content, work together regardless of location and use social and communication tools efficiently.


Microsoft OneNote is a hidden gem with immense potential that goes beyond simple note-taking. Whether for business purposes or personal use, this simple tool will help you become better organised, and by the end of the course, you’ll be able to take notes efficiently, organise your tasks effectively and collaborate with colleagues or clients seamlessly.


VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is like Excel on steroids. With just a little VBA knowledge, you’ll be able to automate tasks in Excel and turbocharge your data-handling capabilities. The course is designed for anyone who is new to VBA and who is seeking practical ways to automate tasks in Microsoft Excel that are performed frequently.

Advanced VBA

You’ve completed the beginner course in VBA or have some experience. Now challenge yourself with the next step and learn advanced VBA methods. Advanced VBA is a learner-friendly course that takes you through more powerful features, expanding the possibilities of what you can make VBA do for you.


Microsoft Access is a powerful program that allows you to build a robust “data landing page”. From creating custom web apps and tracking assets and managing inventory, plus much more, the incredible range of functions will transform how you manage data. Best of all, it is easily accessible to anyone with just a basic knowledge of spreadsheets.

Advanced Access

Add Microsoft Advanced Access to your skillset to become more effective at work, stand out and get ahead. With our advanced course, you’ll learn how to automate tasks to save you time, how to apply advanced techniques such as macros and VBAs and overall Access best practices.


This is the easiest, most convenient and surefire method that every project manager needs to quickly master Microsoft Project 2016. Become a power user of the world’s most popular project management software and can count yourself among expert project managers worldwide, empowering you to manage your company’s projects like a pro.

Advanced Project

Become an expert at Microsoft Project 2016 with this advanced course. The ultimate next step for anyone who has completed the Microsoft Project 2016 beginner course or experienced project managers ready to take their project skills to the next level.

Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a feature-packed operating system. Become a Windows 10 Wizard and learn how to master it’s most essential features with our 9-hour course. We’ll introduce to you to new Windows features such as Cortana and Microsoft Edge, allowing you to maximise your efficiency when using Windows 10.

Power BI

Power BI offers true self-service business analytics by enabling users to interact with corporate information and extract the intel they require. Covering the three main components of Power BI, this introductory course demonstrates how to produce compelling visualisations and reports to provide deep insights into data.


Master the ins and outs of Microsoft’s diagramming and vector graphics application. Learn how to create incredible diagrams, charts, floor plans, engineering designs and more using modern shapes and templates during this essential training course for Microsoft Visio 2013.

Top Ten Tips: Data Analysis

In this short, ten-module course, we aim to teach you the basic skills you need to analyse data effectively and efficiently. From Pivot Tables and Conditional Formatting to Lookup Formulas and beyond, ‘Excel Data Analysis’ will set you up with a great foundation upon which to build further skills.

Excel for Accountants (Basic)

The Excel for Accountants (Basic) course is a short course consisting of 10 video-led modules. The course is primarily aimed at accountants, bookkeepers and accounting professionals and aims to provide learners with a solid foundation with which to build further skills.

Excel for Accountants (Intermediate)

The Excel for Accountants (Intermediate) course is a short course consisting of 10 video-led modules. The course is primarily aimed at accounting professionals. It aims to teach ten important topics that will assist finance staff with daily Excel tasks.

Business Analysis

The course will take your staff through a proven, structured process to improve their ability to collect, analyse and forecast information, generate valuable insights and make well-supported business decisions.

Business Maths

It’s vital for business people to be comfortable with numbers and mathematical functions to avoid costly errors, drive profit and generally make better business decisions. This course will teach practical numeracy to support business productivity.

Business Writing

The importance of clear writing is often overlooked. This course offers tangible tools and techniques to improve writing. Whether it’s a two-line email or a two-hundred-page report, the quality, focus and speed of written communications will increase.

Communication, Influence and Teams

Communication, influence and teamwork are indisputably at the very heart of business life and essential in achieving clarity of information, effective coordination and positive and efficient change. This course will cultivate these skills and quickly impact productivity.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Thinking critically provides the tools to determine the best solution for each situation. This course introduces you to the principles of ‘critical thinking’, and then teaches you a framework to apply in the workplace.

Introduction to Business Finance

Aimed at those with a limited understanding of financial techniques and vocabulary, this course will give your staff the invaluable skills needed to best use resources and achieve both greater financial success and the wider objectives of the business.

Introduction to Data Science

The ability to work with data is becoming more desirable in a number of generalist roles, irrespective of the industry. If you want your staff to be able to draw insights and trends from reports, then this course will give them the tools to do so.

Mindfulness at Work

Modern working life is fast-paced and stressful. Today’s workers are always connected, busy and under constant pressure. But you can help your staff feel calmer and be more productive by bringing some Zen to your office.

Project Management

Today’s professional environment is a web of complex resources, deadlines and ambitions. But do your staff have the know-how to manage the projects they’re involved in? This course will teach core frameworks such as projects life cycles, how to define projects and identify stakeholders, and how to close projects and achieve ROI.

Strategy & Business Models

Widespread strategic innovation means that businesses now face more complex and dynamic issues than ever before. Whether you need to pitch your new business case, reposition your market or predict your next big growth trajectory, this course will teach your staff how to deliver effective, scalable and transferable business models.

Intro to Leadership and Management

People are rarely born great leaders. Good leadership is a skill like any other, and it can be honed over time. This course will help you understand the basic principles behind leadership and allow you to develop your management skills and build a successful team.

Developing as a Leader & Manager

The quality of an organisation’s leadership and management is critical to its success. As with any skill, the professional skills of leadership and management can be learned and practised; and this course is specifically designed to help you do just that, whatever your role in the organisation.

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