Community First Responder

Dave Hatchard, our North West based trainer is also a Community First Responder.

Community First Responders came into being, working in partnership with (but never replacing) the ambulance service to provide immediate, possibly life-saving care, prior to the arrival of an ambulance crew.

North West Ambulance Service always seeks to provide the fastest possible response to emergency calls using its ambulances or fast response cars. For patients experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, every second counts. For example, in a cardiac arrest situation, for every minute that passes without defibrillation the patient’s chance of survival can decrease by up to 10%.

What is involved in being a Community First Responder?

CFRs are trained and despatched by North West Ambulance Service. All the responders are able to deal with patients over the age of 12 and carry equipment including a defibrillator and oxygen together with kit to manage an airway or take medical observations.

Dave has undertaken further training so he can administer limited drugs (for example in a severe diabetic emergency) or to deal with traumatic injuries (such as falls, burns or cuts).